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How To Roast Green Coffee Beans In Oven - Make Your Own Coffee Powder

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“How to roast green coffee beans in oven- make your own coffee powder” such headings appeal to all coffee lovers. Many of us are anxious to have our cup of coffee from time to time and at times we do secretly nurse the desire to make our own coffee powder at home. This blog focuses on the methods involved in roasting the green coffee beans in oven.


We all might have seen the red coffee fruit, which undergoes severe straining before getting converted into brown bean. The outer skin, pulp and inner skin is removed by wetting it. The inner seed or bean is dried to obtain what we call a green coffee bean. These green coffee beans are roasted and grinded before we use it for brewing. If the green coffee bean is not roasted then the resultant drink prepared from such beans will be bitter and acidic. There are many advantages of roasting a coffee bean:


  • Roasting wipes out the water from the beans and allows it to expand
  • Sugars present in the bean are converted into carbon dioxide gas and other sugars get caramelized to give sweet flavor to the coffee.
  • Carbon dioxide gas is emitted from roasted beans too, which helps to protect the flavor and aroma of coffee.


We suggest you to roast green coffee beans on your own because the flavor and aroma of the roasted coffee starts diminishing within a week’s time. That means the coffee which we are enjoying has lost much of its flavor and aroma.


Here is how you can go about roasting green coffee beans in oven.


Step 1: Preheat the oven
Preheating the oven to 450 degrees is the first step towards roasting  green coffee beans. Set your oven to this temperature using the convection bake or convection roast settings. Since not all ovens have the convection bake settings regular baking will do.  Ensure that the oven fan is kept on throughout the baking because roasting generates lots of smoke.


Step 2: Flatten the baking tin

Always use the vented aluminum tin to bake coffee beans. Flatten this tin to the maximum. And stretch this tin to the maximum till it lays flat on its back. This helps to shake the beans throughout the baking process. The beans must be shaken at regular intervals to avoid scorching and uneven heating.


Step3: Spread the beans on the tin
Spread the coffee beans on the flattened baking tin. And place this tin in the oven once it attains 450 degrees.


Step 4: Roast the beans for 5 minutes
Roast the beans for 5 minutes, and then shake the baking tin to spread the beans around.


Step 5: Repeat the above procedure
Continue roasting the beans for some more time till the coffee beans attain the desired toasting texture.


Step 6: Cool the beans
Once you finish with the roasting, move the beans to colander and allow it to cool. Toss the beans around to remove the skins which are shed by the roasted beans. The light skin called chaff often creates a mess.


Step 7: Allow the roasted beans to rest for a day
The beans emanate good flavor and aroma after 24 hours of roasting. This process helps to dissipate excess carbon dioxide that remained in the coffee beans and helps in destabilizing it.


Step 8: Grind the roasted coffee beans
You can grind the roasted coffee beans in a grinder to get a fine powder.


For enjoying best flavors and health start using coffee immediately after grinding them. 


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How To Roast Green Coffee Beans In Oven - Make Your Own Coffee Powder