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How To Melt Candy Melts Properly

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Wow, candy melts; it’s so much fun using them while making lollipops and candies for holidays. Now if you master the secret of melting them properly, you have a whole new world of possibilities. Melting candy melts is pretty simple, all you need to do is take a few precautions and everything will turn out to be hunky dory.



  • The utensil that you use for melting candy melts should be completely dry or your melted candy will harden and may form streaks.
  • Always melt candy melts on a low flame, neither use high heat nor overheat.
  • When the texture of the melted candy looks like cooked pudding, remove it from flame because it’s ready for molding.


Ideas For Melting

  1. Microwave Oven
    If you are using a microwave, take candy melts in a bowl and microwave for 40 sec using defrost method. You can also use a melting bottle or a bag for easy molding.


  1. Double Broiler
    Fill the lower pan of the double broiler with water. Fill until it touches the top pan. Heat the water and remove the pan from stove. Place the candy melts inside the top pan and place it over the bottom pan. Let the candy melt by stirring continuously. Do not beat.

  2. Slow Cooker
    Using a slow cooker for melting candy melts is ideal for melting large quantities of candy melts. While cooking on slow cooker always use low flame and stir occasionally. It would take about 20 minutes for all the candy melts to melt completely.

  3. Warming Tray
    This method is very convenient if you are using different colors. Place each color in a different bowl and place the bowls over the warming tray. Use medium or low setting. You can keep the bowls on the warming tray while working with molds; it will keep your candy melts perfectly melted for a long time.


A perfectly melted candy melt molds properly and is fun to work with, so, enjoy this festive season with your kids and delicious, colorful candies.


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How To Melt Candy Melts Properly