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How To Keep Your Kitchen Warm During Winter Season

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Winter is almost there and as home chefs most of your time is spent in the kitchen, as you cannot have the luxury of couching into the bed for long or staring out of the window, the best thing is to keep your kitchen warm during winter, to have some comfortable time. This article is for all those who spend a lot of time in kitchen, yes, we would give you some tips on how to keep your kitchen warm during winter season and make it as comfortable as the rest of the house. This way you can also get your kids to come and help you in cooking because it’s warm out here. Isn't it a good idea to get some helping hand for cooking so you get some extra time to chill during winter? Let me give you some ideas to make it possible.


Keeping the kitchen warm is not difficult because a lot of heat is generated while cooking. I will tell you how to use that heat to keep your kitchen warm during winter along with some other ideas that will contribute towards raising the mercury bars in your kitchen.


  1. As you do for the rest of the house, check for drafts in kitchen doors and windows. This is how cold air enters your kitchen and cools it. While preparing the house for winter, do insist on a checkup for kitchen as well.
  2. Replace all broken window panes and repair stoppers and latches to ensure that the doors and windows are not left open. Shut all windows well.
  3. Pack the doors and windows bottom drafts with paper or weather stripper. Most of the cold air seeps inside the kitchen through these drafts.
  4. Lit candles in kitchen, they will keep the kitchen warm to some extent. 
  5. Use a floor warmer. As you would need to stand in the kitchen for a long time, invest in a good floor heating system.
  6. Cooking not only helps to keep you warm but it will also keep your kitchen warm during winters.
  7. Cook winter recipes like soups and stew, they will produce enough heat to keep your kitchen warm. Start your day by preparing a big pot full of soup for the whole family and preferably for the whole day. The steam produced by boiling soup will heat your kitchen environment.
  8. Bake a lot during winter and after baking leave the oven door open, the hot air from oven will shoot up the temperature of your kitchen.
  9. Brew coffee and tea as frequently as you can. While the whole family warms up over a cup of tea or coffee, you can take some chill off the kitchen thermometer.
  10. Put up a small instant geyser in kitchen, As you use hot water for cooking and was, the steam will add up to the temperature of the room.


Keep a room thermometer in kitchen and check the difference in temperature of your kitchen before and after cooking. You can measure the temperature of kitchen before and after cooking to see the effect of cooking and how it can help to keep your kitchen warm during winter.


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How To Keep Your Kitchen Warm During Winter Season