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Cook These 10 Great Recipes With Rosemary

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Read on as we give you ideas to Cook 10 Great Recipes With Rosemary


Rosemary is a herb that is fragrant and has a needle like leaf. This is a part of the mint family and is a native Mediterranean herb. This is often used in Mediterranean cuisine and they are credited with having a bitter highly aromatic taste.


Rosemary is often considered to be a rather overpowering herb. Though many people love it,. They feel that it takes over the whole dish, even when very little of the same is added on to it. The trick actually, is to get the balance just right. One has to have a very careful hand while preparing a dish that uses rosemary. If this is sorted then you will get the fresh pine-y rosemary flavor with that of the rest of the dish, and it will all be just right. The piney pungency comes to play and the bitterness no longer exists.


The Aromatic Side

This aromatic herb can also be teamed with white beans and tomatoes. The inclusion of rosemary makes this a classic dish. The same is the case with the root vegetable and mushroom pie, which has a rosemary biscuit topping. You can try preparing some tender meatballs using rosemary. The balance of rosemary and garlic which is used in the dish creates a masterpiece that is worth reaching for, over and over again. The same way, you can use garlic and rosemary with bread. The combination of olive oil rosemary and fresh bread is irresistible.


Dessert Selection

If you have a sweet tooth, rosemary can be used to add flavor and character to those delicacies too. Into the walnut brown butter cookie, a small sprig of rosemary will infuse the strong flavours and create the taste that is close to perfect. You can also add rosemary to orange scones, and this time the whole house will smell amazing with the aroma of this pairing. One can also make a rosemary and olive oil cake, which will work as perfect snakes for your high tea. You can also serve some vanilla ice cream with a side dish that is prepared by sautéing some green grapes in honey and rosemary with some almonds.  


They do have a long shelf life and they are also heat stable. As rosemary has high levels of iron, calcium, and Vitamin B it is a healthy item to include in your meal.


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Cook These 10 Great Recipes With Rosemary