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How To Soften Hardened Sugar At Home

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You can still make use of your hardened sugar, when you know how to soften hardened sugar at home. This mostly occurs for brown sugar, however with normal granulated sugar too, you may face this problem. If you don’t soften hardened sugar, you won’t be able to use it anymore. So, you should know the tricks for softening sugar at home.


  • You may try to break the hard lump into small pieces. For this use something heavy and metallic object like a hammer. The small chunks of sugar can be run through the food processor or blender to get them separated. You can also use a hand grater, but then the whole process will be too time-consuming and tiring.
  • On another method, you can put the hardened sugar inside a zipped plastic bag. Now hit the block really hard with hammer or rolling pin, until the whole sugar is softened within the plastic bag.
  • One of the popular methods of softening sugar at home is to put the sugar in an air-tight container and along with the sugar put a piece of bread inside the container. Close the lid tightly and keep it overnight. By next morning, your sugar should get softened. If it is still chunky, then keep the container closed for couple of days more. This is surely going to work.
  • You can also use your microwave to soften hardened sugar. In this method, you should use a microwave-safe bowl to put the sugar. Now cover the bowl with a moist paper towel. Place the bowl inside the microwave for half a minute or so. This process will soften the sugar and with a fork you can separate the granules. However, you should use the sugar immediately; otherwise it might get hard again.
  • Similar process can be performed in normal oven also, where you should put the hardened sugar on a cookie sheet and place this inside the oven at 250F temperature. Keep an eye on the sheet, to check the status of the sugar. Within 5 minutes, your sugar is supposed to get softened.


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How To Soften Hardened Sugar At Home