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How To Blanch Peas?

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Ever wondered how store-bought vegetables like peas, green beans, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower remain fresh throughout the year. The secret is called blanching, a technique, which is done immediately before freezing. Here are tips on How To Blanch Peas at home.

Step 1: Peel the peas and keep the green balls in a large bowl and wash them thoroughly and keep them in a large canning pot with water in it.

Step 2: Turn on the stove and boil water separately. Place a lid to boil faster. In the meantime, prepare a bowl with freezing water.

Step 3: Once the water is boiled, pour the peas into it and immediately and drain out and then keep them in freezing water. This technique is called blanching. Some people use microwave oven to boil vegetables. However, it may have side effects like vegetable discoloration and off flavors. Hence, it is recommended to use stove instead. Process of blanching peas hardly takes two minutes’ time.

Step 4: Wait till the peas to cool on their own and spread them on a cookie sheet before refrigerating them. The purpose of placing them on cookie sheet is to prevent them from sticking to each other. Now, place them into ziplock freezer bags after about an hour.

Why blanching is important: Blanching peas or any other vegetable is important because it destroys enzymes, which force fresh green vegetables turn mushy or brown after a few days. Blanching helps veggies in retaining their bright green color, crisp as well as fresh-tasting. It also helps in softening tomatoes’ skin before peeling. The next time you set off to blanch peas look up these tips and preserve the flavor and freshness of a favorite veggie!

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How To Blanch Peas?