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Tips For Making Cheese At Home

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Making your won cheese is not as intimidating as you think. Follow our few tips for making cheese at home and you will see yourself making cheese very often. Homemade cheese is more delicious because it is pure and fresh. So why to buy cheese, make your own cheese at home to savor the taste and reap the health benefits.


  1. Buy a cheese making kit; a cheese making kit will make your life easier. It will contain all the required materials for making cheese which includes rennet tablets that help to coagulate milk for making cheese. Since all cheese making ingredients and equipments are essential in successfully making cheese, this kit would aid in easing the complicated process of making homemade cheese.  

  2. If you cannot find a cheese making kit, you need not worry because most of the equipments are available in your kitchen and all that you would need to buy is starter and rennet.

  3. For making your own cheese at home, using pasteurized milk is essential. Cheese made with ultra pasteurized milk will not taste good as the milk is heated at high temperatures, so always use pasteurized milk. If you can find unpasteurized milk it would be much better.

  4. If you have just started to make your own cheese, it is better and recommended to start with easy soft cheese making. Soft cheeses are prepared quickly and eaten fresh while hard cheese require a lot of time for ageing. Once you master the art of cheese making, you can try making your own cheese with different flavors and then try making hard cheese.

  5. You can start with making cottage cheese and mozzarella cheese which can be prepared overnight and the recipes are pretty simple. 

  6. Most of the cheese making kits comes with cheese recipes but if you don’t have one then search for some recipes on internet. You can find detailed recipes for kinds of cheeses.


Try this simple cottage cheese recipe to get started.

Cottage cheese can be made easily at home without the use of any chemicals. They taste great with cold vegetable and fruit salads during summers.

  • Add two tablespoon of white vinegar in about a gallon of milk and place the container containing milk into a hot water bather.
  • Place the hot water vessel on a burner and start heating. You will find the milk curdling soon. Remove the milk from the bath before it starts to boil.
  • Pour the curdled milk in a colander lined with cheesecloth and drain out the whey.
  • Once the whey is drained out you will have dry cheese crumbles.
  • Season your homemade cheese with melted butter and salt. You can also use pepper or paprika for seasoning.
  • Store the cheese in refrigerator for chilling but make sure you use it in a couple of days.


The art of making cheese at home had almost died but in the recent times homemade cheeses have gained much popularity and people are switching back to the old methods.


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Tips For Making Cheese At Home