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Grinding Masalas with Mortar and Pestle

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Here we see a new mortor and pestle design being introduced at the Chicago Housewares Show by one of my favourite chefs-Suvir Saran. I love his book American Masala!

Suvir Saran, chef and author, was at the show to launch his new American Masala line of tabletop and cookware, including this innovative and artistic new mortar and pestle which he demonstrates in this clip. The mortar has a 2-cup capacity and will be available at J.K. Adams in about a week, retailing for $50.

Saran redesigned the traditional pestle to create a wider base to prevent spices and other ingredients from “popping” out of the mortar as grinding takes place. Pestles showcase a decorative motif representative of heirloom Indian quilts. Glazed mortars are available in either Cardamom Green or Saffron Orange. Sets are sturdy with a 2-cup capacity; dishwasher safe; odor and stain resistant; packaging contains chef’s recipe.

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American Masala
Interested to learn about American Masala. Watch this video, learn smart grinding techniques and useful spices that go into making some exotic masala powders.

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Grinding Masalas With Mortar And Pestle Video, American Masala