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How To Warm Up Canned Salmon

How To Warm Up Canned SalmonHow to warm up canned salmon? You certainly do not need a doctorate in rocket science to know that. It is very, very easy. In the fast paced life that we live, the canned salmon is actually a boon to us. Tell me, who has the time to go to the grocery store and buy fresh salmon every day? Isn't it much simpler to come home everyday and open a can of salmon and make it into whatever we like? It sure is. Many dietitians recommend people to eat salmon 3 to 4 times a week for its nutritive value. Looking at it practically, I think that the canned salmon is the only option that seems to be feasible.


Canned salmon is a nutritious and appetizing seafood option that comes in a can. It is a rich source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. In fact, the salmon has 60% more protein than eggs of the same quantity minus the cholesterol content. I'm told that salmon is real good for the pregnant women. The canned salmon is also quite versatile because it can be made into any dish of choice. You can cook a canned salmon any time of the day; be it breakfast, lunch or supper. A little birdie told me that the canned salmon is the most preferred can after the beer can for almost all the campers. So, I'm thinking, isn't that a blessing in a can?


I am someone who prefers seafood over any other type of meat. This means that my fridge has seafood most of the time. I also store canned salmon and tuna for the days when I'm dead tired. On those days what I do is, open the canned salmon and first remove the bones from the succulent flesh. Actually, it doesn't matter if you leave the bones in the flesh, because you can eat the bones too. Then what I do is saute some onions, tomatoes, chillis in a wok with some virgin olive oil. After that, I add the canned salmon to it and add some salt to taste. I have it with a couple of slices of bread and be done with it for the night. You can also warm your canned salmon in an oven after transferring the contents to an oven safe casserole. That is entirely up to you.


I prefer canned salmon when I have no strength to cook anything elaborate. You should also try warming up a canned salmon on a tired day and then you will appreciate it better.


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How To Warm Up Canned Salmon