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How to Sweeten Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is naturally sweet, but you must know how to sweeten coconut oil. Coconut oil is used for cooking and it is also one of the main ingredients in various cuisines. Coconut oil is prefered over other oils because of its nutritive value. As said before coconut oil is naturally sweet but some people may feel that coconut oil is not sweet enough for whatever food they are preparing. There are several ways in which you can lend a sweeter flavor to coconut oil. This blog tells you about how to sweeten coconut oil. You can either cook the coconut oil along with sweeter food items or you can add some sweeter supplements to it.  


  • First, warm the coconut oil lightly inside the microwave. Then you will have with you oil lukewarm enough for mixing.


  • Now add some almond milk in your mixes. If you are preparing a beverage using coconut oil, you can easily add almond milk to the other ingredients. Almond milk offers a sweet and creamy supplement to the beverage mix.


  • Integrate sugar. When you add more and more sugar, the sweet taste of coconut oil gets strengthened. But you must also know that adding more sugar leads to adding more calories to your preparation.


  • This sweeter coconut oil can be mixed into desserts. This is a new coconut oil mix which is a great sweetener for cake, brownie as well as cookie mixes and other desserts.


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How To Sweeten Coconut Oil