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How To Season Codfish Perfectly

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Seasoned codfish

Fish can be a memorable delight or a disaster for your taste buds, depending on the attention given to its seasoning part. If you are a big codfish fan, here are some instructions on How To Season Codfish Perfectly, straight from the experts.


Remember that cooking ten-on-ten, mouth-watering fish delicacy is achievable right in the comfort of your home. The first step for the same is to search for a fresh fish which is juicy and tender. The best indicator to identify the freshness of the fish is its clear eyes, healthy gills with no unpleasant smell. Once the search is over, cut the fish into fine fillets form.


The next and the very core to making a delectable cod fish is its proper seasoning. Given below are some steps for seasoning a perfect codfish.


  1. The easiest and most convenient ingredients for seasoning the codfish are extra-virgin olive oil mixed with an acidic ingredient like tomato pulp, lemon juice or red-wine vinegar. Though a lot of people simply tend to use normal olive oil for seasoning, it is better to use extra virgin oil for making a distinct flavored fish.
  2. Add spices to the oil like crushed red-pepper flakes, salt, black pepper, parsley, fresh thyme. You can add jalapeno peppers to render a tangy and extra spicy flavor to the fish.
  3. Remember marinades or spices are particularly prepared to bring out the desired flavor in the fish. Therefore, increase the quantity of the spice which you prefer to savor in your seafood delicacy.
  4. Make sure to season all the sides of the codfish fillets with the prepared seasoning.
  5. Time is another important aspect which impacts the flavor of your seafood delicacy. The rule is that the seasoning of codfish must be done 30 minutes prior to its grilling or baking. However, other fishes, especially, tuna and salmon require a good one hour for seasoning before preparing them for further cooking.

The fish should not be removed from fire until its flesh easily starts to flake with the help of a fork.  

Follow the above instructions and savor a perfectly seasoned codfish with a glass of red wine! 

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How To Season Codfish Perfectly