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How To Pit Olives

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I love olives in everything and anything from gourmet dishes like Stuffed Olives to daily comfort foods like olive sandwiches! It is no wonder that I have picked up some easy and effective ways on how to pit olives easily and neatly. After all, years of using olives in my dishes should have brought on some advantage. Here are some methods to help you pit your olives:


Method 1- Squeeze ‘em hard

The simplest method is to squeeze an olive gently but with strength between your thumb and forefinger until the pit pops out. It works well with olives that have soft flesh or with larger black olives.


Method 2 – Crush ‘em flat

Now if you want to get those stubborn olives to give in easily and without much mess, then simply spread the olives on a flat surface or cutting board. Take a large chef's knife and using the flat side, crush the olives down by applying pressure on the flat side of the knife that is facing up, with your palms. The olive flesh will part letting the pit out.


Method 3- Smash ‘em with a mallet

You can also smash the olives with a meat mallet. Trust me, it might get messy but it is the easiest way to pit those painfully obstinate olives.


Method 4- Slice ‘em right

Here is another simple method that requires a little expertise with a paring knife. Use your paring knife and slice around the olive. Pull the sliced part aside and simply extract the pit.


Method 5 – Slice ‘em elegantly

Now, though this method is a little more time consuming compared to the other methods, it doesn’t leave a mess and the end product can be used for any recipe as the olives don’t look mutilated. Slice the olives a little and then use the blade of the chef's knife to pop out the pit. The olive flesh is left intact and now you can slice, dice or use them as whole in your recipes.


Method 6 – Get a pitter!


Tips and Warnings


Take utmost care not to smash or cut your fingers while using a mallet or knife respectively.


Remember that the method you opt for should be in accordance with the recipe chosen. For example, if you want to stuff your olives then please don’t attack your olives with a mallet, instead use the paring knife and run it around the top. Pull the cap off, pit the olive and then stuff and cap the olives.


Olives come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are easy to pit and some are not. The black olives are actually easy to handle but the same is not the case with green olives. Take this into consideration when you pick the olives for your recipes.


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How To Pit Olives