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How To Remove Sweet Corn From The Cob

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I simply love corn in any form especially the grilled ones and the boiled sweet corn mixed with generous scoops of salted butter, dried herbs like rosemary and lemon with some fried and diced chicken sausage. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water and it is no wonder that how to remove sweet corn from the cob is one of the first things I learned to do in the kitchen. They are both nutritious and tasty and a simple corn dish can light up your Thanksgiving dinner spread.


Why do you want to remove the sweet corn from the cob?


Though the grilled or boiled whole corn cob is equally tasty the idea of using the corn in a salad is more appetizing to many. Sweet corn once removed from the cob can be added to a variety of dishes including salads, soups, fritters or other delicious side dishes and can even be used as your turkey or patty stuffing. Also the color and simplicity sweet corn adds to a spread is simply amazing!


How to remove sweet corn from the cob?

  1. Buying good corn - First you have to ensure that you get your hands on some good corn that is easy to cook. Here is what you should take into consideration when buying corn.

    • Check if the corn feels hot to the touch. If it is hot then don’t buy it, as if the corn has been exposed to heat for long it can mean that the corn will spoil fast.
    • Always inspect the ears by peeling back some of the husk and checking for evenly spaced, tight rows with slightly plump kernels. If the ears have enlarged or shriveled kernels and uneven or even a few missing rows, don’t pick them up.
    • Husks on the other hand should be grassy green and tender.Check the outer husk for holes or any other evidence that sites the presence of worms.
    • The silk threads seen around the ear should be dry and not brittle while the stems should be light green and moist and not yellowed and dry.
  2. Ready your workspace by cleaning out your kitchen counters and then opting for a clean wooden cutting board.
  3. Now, pull back the husks and either discard it or use it to make compost.
  4. Remove the rest of the silk threads by rubbing the cob with a dry clean kitchen towel. The silks will come out.
  5. Now cut the bottom of the cob such that it has a flat base.
  6. Hold the cob upright on the board with the flat surface at the bottom and the ear end at the top.
  7. Take a sharp paring knife or good grapefruit knife with a curved tip. Now insert the knife as close to the cob and as deep as possible and run it down one side of the cob. The kernels will fall off. Rotate the cob and continue doing this to all the sides until all the kernels have been carefully scraped off.


Here are some interesting Sweet Corn recipes for you.




Be very careful when you scrape the kernels out, lest you cut your hands.


Once you have removed your corn you can store them for long by freezing them.  It would be better if you can first blanch and then freeze them. This blog should help you freeze corns cut off  the cob.


Corn is a good source of nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, potassium and it is also a good source of dietary fiber


When making a corn soup or chowder, run the knife once more down the corn cobs to get all the pulps or before scraping the whole kernels out, run the back of the knife, without cutting too deep such that more pulp falls out than kernel. This pulp can be used to thicken your soup and is also called creamed corn. You can also use the kernel-less cob to make the soup stock. Such a stock will have a strong corn flavor. Remove it from the stick when the soup has been cooked.


White corn or "silver queen" is tender with a sweet taste while yellow corn has a chewy texture but with a sweet taste. The ones that has both white and yellow kernels known as "butter and sugar" or "bread and butter are very sweet.


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How To Remove Sweet Corn From The Cob