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How To Heat Foods In Emergency

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No one thinks about a solution until a problem is faced – the same happened with me too! I learnt how to heat foods in emergency only when I was stuck in a very difficult condition. Heating foods under emergency conditions when you do not have access to regular heating appliances is all about using your presence of mind and keeping cool. You can make use of whatever things you have access to and heat up your food. Here are some suggestions which can be useful to you, in case you get stuck in a very tricky situation.


Heating food in your car - Think of a situation when you need to heat food when you are traveling in a car and you know there is no hope of finding a place to eat in the next few miles and you cannot eat your food until its heated – what you do in such a situation? Well – your car can save you! You can heat food in the engine of your car…yes, this is absolutely possible. You just need to wrap the food well in an aluminum foil and place it on a suitable surface of your car engine. You will just need to find a hot spot of your engine where you can place the food and get it heated almost instantly.


Heating food when the power goes off – This can be a real emergency situation. The power is off and you are hungry! Forget the microwave oven and think about alternate ways of heating your food. Candles – you must be having candles at home? Just light up 2-3 candles and place them close by so that the flames are almost close to another. This can be a great heating option for you. You just need to hold your food in a bowl over the flame and let it get the heat. Just be very careful that you are not exposed to the heat and you do not burn your fingers too. You will notice that your food is getting heated up much quickly.


Fireplace – This is an ideal heating option when you do not find any scope of heating your food. The advantage of fireplace heating is that, you can heat up more than one dish at a time. You just need to keep your food items in heat proof containers and place them near the fireplace or in any place where they get the heat. If you do not have suitable heat resistant containers, you can keep food in any type of container you have and place them near the fireplace. It might take time but you will find that your food is heated enough well for consumption.


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How To Heat Foods In Emergency