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How To Cut Beef For Stir Fries

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Tenderness of the meat is affected by the way you cut the beef. All the types of meats such as chicken, beef, pork have a grain, which is essentially the direction in which the main muscle fibres of the meat run. Read on to know more and learn how to cut beef for stir fries.




Cutting Beef for stir fries


The angle, at which the knife is held along the grain and the direction the beef is cut, goes a long way in deciding the tenderness of the beef. If you cut along the same direction as the grain, the beef would be hard and tough. If the beef is cut against the grain direction, the length of muscle fibres is shortened which ensures softer and tender beef pieces.



The trick for cutting beef for stir fries is to cut the beef in perfect bite-size pieces which take less time to cook and tenderize quickly. So, cutting the beef against the grains and into right bite pieces is extremely essential.



The best cuts of beef for stir fries are the cuts which have a loose texture as loose texture aids in quick absorption of flavorings and seasonings. As the beef for stir fries are sliced very thin,  it is better not to use extra tender beef cuts like tenderloin or strips. Most ideal beef cuts for stir fries are those known as butcher’s cuts.



While cutting beef for stir fries make sure that you cut the beef into strips only when you are ready to use the cut strips. Cutting the beef too much in advance tends to increase the surface area of the beef, and encourages oxidation which can cause the meat to lose its sheen and the cut may  also develop an unpleasant flavor.



One can easily learn how to cut beef for stir fries and use them for making perfect stir fries, all  one needs to do is to keep the above discussed points in mind.



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How To Cut Beef For Stir Fries