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Cutting Tuna Fish

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How to cut tuna fish
Learn some basic skills on how to cut tuna fish in Japan. Tuna fish is one of the most sought after, and high in nutrition sea food with heavy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Get some good show on tuna here!

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butterbites's picture
tuna fish?!? it looks like a tuna whale to me.
shantihhh's picture
The fish monger said maguro and that is tuna, --- looks like tuna to me. The largest tuna are bluefin tuna, who can reach 15 feet in length and weigh more than 1,500 pounds. Even “small” tuna species, such as yellowfin and albacore, can grow to be 6.5 feet long and weigh hundreds of pounds. Tuna aren’t exactly couch potatoes—they can swim more than 100 miles in a day—with a top speed of 40 miles per hour. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Sarita.Bhandarkar's picture
I think this is tuna...I googled and found a picture of a tuna which was about 6 ft long...
veerpradeep's picture
Excellent video. Sarita thanks for sharing this Excellent Cutting Tuna fish in Japan video.... Here is many ways to smile! veerpradeep
Sarita.Bhandarkar's picture
Thanks Veer...
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Cutting Tuna Fish Video, How To Cut Tuna Fish