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How To Use Gruyere In French Cooking

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Gruyere Cheese or Comte as it is called in France carries an appellation d'origine contrôlée, which is a protected ‘origin designation’ and implies that only a specific type of cheese, made in a specific region can be called Gruyere Cheese. Learn some trivia about Gruyere cheese and how to use Gruyere in French cooking.


Gruyere is a pale coloured, creamy cheese which is enjoyed because of its rich, nutty flavour. Only the cheese which is prepared in the Gruyere region of Switzerland can be called or sold as Gruyere cheese. The Swiss Gruyere cheese has small holes which are the size of pea or smaller. The French version of the Gruyere cheese is called Beaufort or Comte. The Comte cheese also has an appellation d'origine contrôlée, from a region in Eastern France called as Franche Comté. The flavor of the Comte cheese is unique yet not overpowering, so it can be easily added to soups, salads, quiches, pastas etc.


Using gruyere in French cooking


The Gruyere cheese is widely used in French cuisine with its most popular and widely recognized use being in the French Onion Soup. The cheese is enjoyed in the soup as it brings out the richness of the soup and unique and distinctive taste does not overpower the basic flavor of the French Onion soup. When used in Quiches, the cheese adds a slightly salty flavor to the food. The Gruyere food when added to Fondues, also Emmental and Vacherin, serves as a good quality melting cheese. The Gruyere cheese tastes excellent when used in Croque Monsieur, which is a traditional French ham and cheese sandwich served toasted. In Le Tourin, a garlic soup popular in France, the Gruyere cheese is grated and sprinkled over the soup. The cheese goes extremely well with White wines such as Riesling and even Bock beer and Apple cider drinks.


Using Gruyere in French cooking has been a common practise as the cheese goes well with a lot of traditional French dishes. We hope that our guide on how to use Gruyere in French cooking would have given you ideas about the different traditional French dishes where you can use Gruyere. Bon appétit!


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How To Use Gruyere In French Cooking