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How To Peel A Salami

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Peeling salami requires a lot of skill to keep salami presentable and reduce wastages. Anyone who wants to eats this processed meat at home should know how to peel salami and it is important to peel salami the right way or the whole fun of eating will be lost. Salami is processed meat that can be eaten as it is or consumed with salads and sandwiches. Salami is also cooked into delicious recipes like salami balls, snacks and scrambles. No matter which ever way salami is eaten, the first step involves peeling salami.

How to peel salami?

Chop off approximately ½ inch from one of the sides of salami using a sharp knife.

Insert the knife between casing and salami. Insert it deep inside till the complete knife gets inserted or till the length of salami that you wish to use.

Once the knife is in place, it has to be rotated along the edge of salami & the casing to detach the encasement.

The edge of the casing can now be cut and the casing can be removed by simply pulling.

While sticking the knife into the salami, it is important to keep the knife parallel to the casing or it will tear the casing making it difficult to peel. Secondly, the knife should be placed exactly on the edge of the salami or a major portion of salami will be wasted.

Also it is essential to rotate the knife smoothly for even and smooth surfaced salami.


Peeling salami before they are served is essential, it is because the outer casing is hard to chew and spoils the taste of salami.


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How To Peel A Salami