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How to Organize the Kitchen

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Learn how to organize kitchen cooking spices, oils, seasonings & other organization & cleaning tips in these free videos on how to organize your kitchen.

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Tips To Organize Your Kitchen
Organizing and stocking a pantry is always a pesky task. But you can do better with the right guide. This video contains tips on organizing all the clutter in a kitchen pantry. A must see for any woman.

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That white plastic containerof garlic spray MUST be refrigerated! I cook so many ethnic cuisines I use plastic small show-box sized bins for each ethnic cuisine. Works great! Japanese, Mexican, Indian (OK 2 tubs), Thai, Italian, French, S. Amerian, and so on. I also keep some soup mixes and sauce mixers in an other plastic tub. Planning a weekly menu also helps. When prepping place ingredients pre-measured in misen plas on a tray per recipe. I do this fr Thai and Indian meals for sure to enable quick action cooking when preparing a multi-course meal for guests. Some dishes such as curries can be prepared ahead and kept warm without loosing taste. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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What a great idea! It never occurred to me to add "Lazy Susans" to help organize inside the cupboards. Fabulous!
How To Organize The Kitchen Video, Tips To Organize Your Kitchen