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How To Cut Salty Taste Of Corned Beef

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Corned beef is salty to taste as the curing process of beef involves usage of big particle size salt. Its salty taste sometimes mars the taste of the final dish, so cutting salt in corned beef becomes essential before making any recipe with corned beef. This raises a question on how to cut salty taste of corned beef? It’s a very simple process that needs to be followed a day before the corn beef is cooked.   


  • The fist step involves straining all salty liquids that is present in the corned beef.
  • Curing beef stuffs salt deep into the meat, hence the corn beef needs to be soaked in either cold water or milk for upto 24 hours. While soaking, the corn beef should be stored in the refrigerator and water should be changed as many times as possible. This process will help melt away excess salt to a greater extent.
  • Adding sweeteners like sugar can cut salt in corn beef dishes completely. Taste the dish frequently before adding more sugar to arrive at a desired taste.
  • One can also add other ingredients like vegetables to cut salt in corn beef. Remember not to add any salt for other ingredients. It will compensate from the salt present in corned beef thereby evening out the saltiness of the final dish.
  • For stews, dairy products like milk or cream can be added to cut salt in corned beef. Adding dairy product will also cut down the spiciness so you would need to add more spice.


Cutting salt in corned beef can only be possible through addition of more ingredients sans salt. So corned beef can be turned out into a delicious dish by combining it with a variety of vegetables or cooking corn beef stew.


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How To Cut Salty Taste Of Corned Beef