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How To Cut Halibut Steaks

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Cutting halibut steaks can be challenging as the bones of halibut are hard to cut and steaks should be of ½” thick and weigh about 2 ounce. You don’t need any special skills to cut halibut steaks, success will depend on the sharpness of your knife.


Few instructions on how to cut halibut steaks perfectly and with ease:


  • Cut the halibut in two equal halves. The white side of halibut where the abdomen is located has a cavity. Start cutting from the top of the abdomen, this will separate the halibut’s head and tail.
  • Take the front half of cut halibut and cut from the fin to separate the head of halibut. Halibut’s belly should be removed because it cannot be cut into steaks. Just discard them.
  • Now keep the head separately.
  • Start cutting halibut steaks from the body of the fish, perpendicular to halibut’s backbone. Each steak should be ½ inch to 1 inch thick. Finer the better but if you find it difficult to cut 1 inch you may even cut them in 2 inches thickness but not more than that.
  • Cut the whole fish into steaks till you reach the tail. You may find it difficult to cut the tail portion, so you can leave this portion for making fillets or kabobs or fry it separately.


Your cut halibut steaks is now ready for cooking. Cooking halibut steaks is much easier if you develop the skill of cutting halibut steak. Cook them as you want and enjoy every bite of it. 


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How To Cut Halibut Steaks