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How To Reheat A Roast

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Do you throw away your leftover roasted food? Is it because you don’t know how to reheat a roast or simply because you don’t get the same original taste after reheating roast? By knowing how to reheat a roast, you can enjoy your roast even after storing them for a couple of days.


A step by step guide to reheating roast:

  • Take a sheet of silver foil and place the roast over it. Silver foil will prevent the roast from turning further brown or burning as the heat will not be direct on the roast.
  • Fold the sides of the foil to cover the roast, fold it like an envelope and seal all sides.
  • Leave some space inside the foil, this will act as closed sealed container and help retain moisture of the roast. When roast looses its moisture, it becomes hard, dry and its gets difficult to chew. The sides of the foil should thus be sealed tightly to prevent loss of moisture.
  • Place the foiled roast inside a microwave. The time required for heating would actually depend on the quantity of the roast.


All the methods that I tried for reheating roast failed terribly, until I tried to cover the roast with foil and heat in microwave. This way I get hot roast that has its original moisture, texture, color as well as the taste. I apply this method of reheating roasted food, if it’s not so hot while serving on the table. My guests wonder how I manage to serve fresh roast all the time.


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How To Reheat A Roast