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How To Grate Ginger Root

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Ginger is one of the most widely used spice in the world, but almost everyone I know, hate the daunting job of grating ginger roots. Once you master the art of grating, the question of how to grate ginger root will no longer restrict you from using this zesty spice. Ginger roots are strong in taste; hence it is mostly used in grated form. 


Step by step guide to grating ginger roots 

  1. Grating ginger roots becomes easier if you have a good grater. Buy a sharp or finer size grater from the departmental store.
  2. Store ginger roots in freezer as soon as you bring them home. Freezing makes it easier to grate ginger roots. Whenever you need them, remove from freezer and peel the outer skin or scrap it. Scrapping is bit messy but lessens wastages that occur in peeling. Use a peeler if you wish to. 
  3. Wash the peeled ginger root to remove soil and hanging roots if any.
  4. Cut the ginger root into small pieces of 1 or 1.5 inch length as this size is convenient to hold. Make sure there are no molds on the ginger, remove them if they are there.          
  5. Keep the grater on a clean bowl or plate and hold it tightly with the left hand. With the right hand rub the ginger root piece in an upward and downward movement on the fine side of grater.
  6. While grating ginger roots, you may come across fibers that will make grating difficult. Cut the fibers with a pair of scissors and discard them. Restart grating till you get the required quantity of grated ginger.
  7. At the end remove grated ginger accumulated on the inner side of the grater.
  8. And your grated ginger is ready for use.                                                                                                               

Always try and buy young ginger, they are juicier and contain less fiber. Learn this skill and you can find that grating ginger roots is the easiest part in cooking.


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How To Grate Ginger Root