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How To Make Glug

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537785-easy-tips-on-how-to-make-glug.6a00d83454ad5369e2011571224c6a970c-320wiIf you are looking for a drink which tastes little different from your everyday drinks, you can learn how to make glug. Glug is a very steamy ruby hued brew which is made of red wine, different types of spices, some fresh citrus peel,  dried fruits, almonds and some brandy. Glug is specially enjoyed during chilly winter nights and is loved as a festive drink and is often served in different holiday gatherings. Making glug at home is a wonderful experience, especially when you get the scent of cloves and oranges all over your home when you are preparing the drink. If you do not know how to make glug, here is the process of preparing this drink in a few easy steps.


You need to start the process of making glug by placing brandy, orange peel, spices, wine and some dried cherries in a pot. This needs to be simmered for around twenty minutes till the mixture is completely heated. You have to ensure that the mixture is not boiled but it should be heated well. If the mixture is boiled, it shall burn the alcohol and that will change its taste.


You can add some brown sugar in this mixture and keep stirring it, till it is well dissolved. Once, you find that the sugar is well dissolved, you should taste it and see if the sweetness is as per your liking. If you feel that you need some more sweetness, you can add another spoonful of sugar or even more, until you are completely satisfied with the sweetness. You will also need to remove all the spices and fruit parts from this mixture before serving the drink– you can use a strainer for this purpose.


Once, you are done, you can slowly sprinkle some golden raisins and also slivered almonds which shall slowly slip in the bottom section of th glass mug. You just need to pour the glug in mugs and enjoy.


Some more tips:

  • If you wish to prepare a non alcoholic glug, you can use purple grape juices, black currants and some cranberries - do not use red wine.
  • You can also use vodka, whiskey and schnapps if you do not wish to use brandy. This shall also bring a good change in the taste.
  • To make the glug attractive, you can easily garnish it with some lemon slices or orange pieces.
  • Garnish the glug with a few cinnamon sticks.
  • You can also use some candy sticks like clove, tangerine and blackberry for a different flavor.
  • If you are not sure about the sweet preferences of your guests, you can place some sugar cubes nearby, so that your guests can pick up these cubes as per their liking. You can also try using honey.


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How To Make Glug