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How To Correct Over Seasoned Stuffing

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Very often when we are trying to cook in a rush we end up over seasoning stuffing. All our sincere efforts put into making a great dish is thwarted away by a mistake like this one. As our piers said, there is always a solution to a problem, over seasoned food can be balanced to a greater extent. Let’s find out how to correct over seasoned stuffing.


Slightly over seasoned stuffing can be corrected out with adding a few tablespoon of sugar. The sweetness of sugar evens out the spices.


Alternatively unsalted butter can correct over seasoned stuffing to a great extent. Melt some butter in a pan and mix up the over seasoned stuffing. Use butter and loads of it if you are not conscious of calories.


Stuff stuffing in chill chili peppers as the cold temperatures mild away over seasoned flavors.


Adding bread cubes and some unsalted stock of chicken can bring down the level of spices. Taste stuffing to check the seasoning and add more till the stuffing tastes as required.


Add some diced nuts or dry fruits to bring down the seasoning to normal. These sweet dry fruits will balance the seasoning but your stuffing quality would also increase.


Baking the stuffing in chicken stock can normalize the seasoning. However always make sure the stock is unsalted or you will end up spoiling the over seasoned stuffing. Bake it for about 20-30 minutes under 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


After baking if the stuffing still tastes over seasoned, top stuffing with little gravy.


As an old saying goes “prevention is better than cure” try seasoning miserly as you can always add more spices effortlessly while correcting an over seasoning stuffing is daunting and time consuming. 

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How To Correct Over Seasoned Stuffing