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How To Remove The Gas From Pinto Beans

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Pinto beans are a good source of proteins, but if you really wish to enjoy pinto beans, then removing gas from pinto beans becomes completely necessary. How to remove the gas from pinto beans is a common problem faced by many people – so, here are a few steps which shall help you to remove gas while cooking from  these  beans. When you remove gas from them  you do not have to worry about the discomfort which can be caused by the embarrassing gas of the pinto beans. So, here is the process of removing gas from all these beans.


To remove gas from all pinto beans, you will need a large pot, a ladle and a colander.  To start the process of removing  beans, you will first have to place all the dried  beans in a pot. You can then fill this pot with almost three quarters full of water.      


You should let the water boil now. You can skim a soup ladle over the water surface so that you are able to get rid of all foam which usually forms on the top section of boiling water. It is recommended to stay close to your stove when you are boiling the pinto beans, so that you can see the foam and start removing it as and when it starts to appear.  If you remove the foam from boiling water and discard it, it shall help to remove chemicals which are caused by the beans.          


Colander helps you a lot to remove any excess gas from pinto beans. Thus, whenever, you need to remove gas from pinto beans, you should start by setting a colander in the sink. When you remove your hot pot of beans and water from your stove, you need to pour this in the colander so that the water slowly drains through. Now, when all the pinto beans are in the colander – you need to spend a little more time and wash these beans well in cold water. This will help to remove the gas from pinto beans.


You need to keep repeating the above process whenever you are boiling the beans. In fact when you are carrying out the process of removing gas, you should devote at least 10 minutes time in rinsing the beans. This is an essential step to slowly get rid of the gas causing chemicals from all the pinto beans. This process also helps to soften the skin of the beans so that the beans are quite easy to digest.


Tips to carry out the process of removing gas from beans more effectively-

  • Keep the colander ready and near your sink so that you remember to rinse the beans once they are out from boiling water.
  • While you are rinsing the beans you should rub the skin of the beans very gently, so that all chemicals which are present are washed off easily.

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How To Remove The Gas From Pinto Beans