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Tips on How To Braid Onions

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Tips on how to braid onions

If space is a problem in your kitchen and you find it difficult reaching out to different goods, you should learn how to braid onions. Braiding onions and then hanging them in your kitchen will not only save a lot of your time and space, but will also be adding a very distinct feel to your kitchen. So, here is the process of braiding onions, simplified just for you.


Harvesting: You will need to harvest onions in the late summer period or the very early days of fall. You should harvest them as soon as you notice the tops are beginning to flop and are slowly turning yellow. You need to just pull the onions by their tops and make a dig with a small size space. You have to be careful or else you shall damage the onion skin.


Drying onions:  Let all the onions dry outside for at least 10 days. If you feel that the weather is damp, you need to slowly move all the onions inside a covered area and let them dry there. If you wish to speed up the drying process, you can spread them over old newspapers over an area which will well ventilated. You just need to shake any excess oil from the onions.


Trimming: Once the onions are dry completely, you need to stalk their stems up to 6 inches.


Braiding process:

  • You have to start the braiding process with 3 foot length twine for your convenience. It is recommended to choose well formed and well dried onions so that you can make a braid.
  • You can choose 3 onions and tie all of them together at the base of their stems. Tie it with the twine.
  • Start its braiding process by keeping twine on one section and then keep working patiently till you have made several crosses.
  • You can keep adding onions and keep working with the stems.
  • Keep repeating the process by adding onions.
  • You will notice that each such onion stem will be a part of the original unit and shall be replaced by the steps on which you are working.
  • You will realize that no particular stem will run the entire length of the twine.
  • You should keep adding onions till you are able to reach a length which you are looking forward to.
  • You can now complete the process by slowing braiding the ends of all the stems and then tying them off.
  • When you are tying off the braid, you need to leave some short ends so that you get a fringe at the top section.
  • Slowly form a loop from one end of the twine for the purpose of hanging.
  • You are done with onion braids. Store them in a cool and dark place till they are used.


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Tips On How To Braid Onions