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Different Ways To Chop Onions

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When you know the different ways to chop onions, you can surely use the onions extensively to prepare different types of delicious cuisines. Being one of the versatile vegetable, onions are perhaps the most important item for your kitchen. You can use them cooked or uncooked, in both the ways. However, the cutting style of the onions is not always same. Different types of cuisines require the onions to be chopped in different ways. Chopping onions differently implies that you can dice, chop, slice, grate, julienne or cut wedges of the onions. Now I will come to each of these chopping styles, one by one.

 Chopping the Onions

Dice – Dicing the onions means cutting the onions in cube shape. For this, you should first give a cut at the middle and then cut every half in 4 or 6 or 8 cubes depending on the size of the onion. Your recipe might demand small or large cubes of onions, according to which you will make the size of the onion cubes. The diced onions are usually used in preparing vegetable stews or stir-fry. Diced onions can also be grilled along with other vegetables and prawns in a skewer.


Chop – Chopping the onions is the most common task for cooking. To chop the onions, first you have to cut them into halves and then each half should be cut into thin slices keeping the root portion intact. After this, you have to give a horizontal cut to the sliced half and then start finely chopping across the slices. This type of finely chopped onions is required for cooking sauces, meats, pasta etc.


Slice – Round shaped onion slices are great to consume as uncooked. To make slices of the onions first you have to peel the onion. Next you should start cutting the onion width wise from the top end, so that you get round slices of onions. While making the slices, try to make all of them in same thickness. If you are cutting thin slices then try to make all the slices thin and evenly cut. Onion slices can be added to the salads or can be grilled to serve with the grilled chicken.


Grate – If you want to have thinner shreds of onion, then grating is the ideal option. Use your grater to grate the whole or half onion over a flat surface. When the grating is done sprinkle the grated onions over salads, pastas etc. The grated onion is also used for cooking the gravy or sauce, which are based on onions. You can also use the grated onions to marinade your chicken or fish, along with other marinating ingredients.


Julienne – Onion juliennes are thinly made strips from half onions. To do this, you should cut the onion in halves. Then take each half to cut length wise and thus you will get thin strips of onions. Thin strips of onions can be caramelized and used for various delicacies. These are also used for the stir- fry or in various other rice dishes.


Wedge – Onion wedges are generally used for roasting or baking projects. These can also be consumed as pickled inside the vinegar. To make the wedges, you should cut the half onion length wise to bring out comparatively thick pieces. Make sure to include a part of the root with the wedges, as this will help the wedges to stay intact.


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Different Ways To Chop Onions