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How To Zest A Lemon, Lime Or Orange

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Zesting lemon, lime or orange; is an essential step for many delicious cuisines. But, before you step into any such cooking project, you must know that how to zest a lemon, lime or orange. The lemon, lime or orange zest is used in various ways in the culinary art. Sometimes it is used as a flavoring ingredient to your main dish like chicken, fish, sausages etc. and sometimes it is used for garnishing the food, particularly the salads. You will find plenty of use of zest for ice cream, cakes, puddings etc.  Even it is used for garnishing several favorite cocktails and other drinks. The zest has the antioxidant property, which helps you to stay healthy and fit.Zesting with a zester
The best way to zest the citrus fruits is by using the zester. It is a small sized kitchen tool, which has been made for this task. This tool is not too expensive, so you can easily buy them. However, you can get the zest in other way, also. Use the normal tools available in your kitchen to bring the zest out from the lemon, lime or orange. The following steps can guide you in zesting a citrus fruit.

Step 1: Use a clean fruit
You should be very particular in washing the fruit properly, before you start the zesting process. Zest is collected from the outer skin of the fruits. Unless you thoroughly wash and clean the skin, you might collect some impurities in your zest, which can be unhealthy as well as can destroy the taste of your food. So, wash the fruit thoroughly and then take a paper towel to soak the water from the surface of the fruit.

Step 2: Get the tools
You will need few tools for the zesting process, such as a clean cutting board, a small bowl to collect the zest and a serrated knife, in case you are not using the zester. Instead of using the cutting board, you can make use of the kitchen countertop also. But make sure to wipe the surface before you start working on the zest.

Step 3: Collecting the zest
Hold the fruit with your hand on top of the cutting board or the countertop surface. Now hold the serrated knife with the other hand, to scrape of only the external part of the peel. But make sure that you don’t scrape off the internal part of the peel in the process of scraping the outer layer. Whenever you can see the white inner layer of the peel, you should move to another fresh area of the fruit. This way, you can complete the zesting task for the whole fruit and then can collect the zest in the small bowl for using in your recipe.

Alternatively, you can use a sharp knife to bring out the zest. In this process, you have to first get the outer peel out from the fruit. If you find any white part in these cut slices, then remove that too, with your sharp knife. Now take every slice to cut them into thin strips and then again cutting the strips across to bring out the tiniest part of the peel, which can be considered as the zest.

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How To Zest A Lemon, Lime Or Orange