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How To Design Fruit Baskets

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From the day I learnt on how to design fruit baskets, I don’t buy it from outside. In fact, it has become an obsession for me to buy fruits and the basket individually, so that I can assemble all of them to make a nice and attractive looking fruit basket for gift giving purposes. Designing fruit baskets is not at all a difficult task, but it requires some amount of innovativeness to mix and match the colors and texture of the fruits. Beautifully decorated fruit basket

It is not always true that you have to maintain a particular format while arranging the fruits. In fact, following the same structure and design will bring monotony in this job and they will also not look unique. When I design a fruit basket, I usually keep in mind some important tips so that the fruits remain fresh and undamaged. Here I am going to share some useful and practical information on how to design fruit baskets.

Buying the Basket
The first step of the fruit basket project will involve the task of buying the basket. Depending on the number of fruits you are going to use, the size will vary. If you want to use more fruits, then go for a larger sized basket. But, check the basket carefully, so that it is strong enough to carry the total weight of all the fruits.

Buying the Decorative Items
A basket will not be adequate to give the attractive look to the fruit basket. You will require transparent cellophane sheet to wrap the fruits. Get colorful ribbons to decorate the basket and to tie the wrapping papers. You might as well require cello tape to keep the fruits in place.

Buying Fruits
This is one of the important steps for this project. While buying, you should look for fruits in contrasting colors. The most common and popular fruits used in fruit baskets are grapes, apples, oranges, bananas etc. However, you can make your own choice depending on the availability. Only fruits to avoid for the fruit basket are the various types of berries like strawberry, raspberry, blueberry etc, as they do not stay well inside the basket.

Arranging the Fruits
Wash all the fruits and dry them with paper towel. Before you start the arrangement, you should make a base of the basket by using torn news papers. This base will work in two ways, as it will keep the fruits stable and it will save the fruits from being damaged. Once you set up the base, it is time to start with the decoration. Usually the grapes are kept in two opposite sides of the basket. Apples and oranges are used to fill up the central part and bananas are kept on the frontal side in a face down position. However, you can use your creativeness to arrange the fruits in contrast colors in such a way, that none of them get damaged. Use news papers and tissue papers to support the fruits. You can also make them stable with the help of cello tape. But limit your use of cello tape only in couple of places.

Decorating the Basket
Use ribbon to make a bow on a side or to wrap around the edge of the basket. You can do anything you like but don’t make it too much as it will destroy the natural look of the fruit basket.

Wrapping the Basket
Finally, wrap the basket with transparent basket wrapping paper. Use cello tape to stick with the bottom of the basket or you can gather all the ends on top to tie with a colorful ribbon.

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How To Design Fruit Baskets