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How To Use Cola To Marinate A Steak

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Marinating Steak in Coca Cola

If you have some cans of coca cola lying around and wondering how to finish them off, use the remaining coke to marinate Steaks. Go through our tips on how to use cola to marinate a steak to learn how!        





Everyone loves cola and prefers having coke around for kids during the parties.  However, it usually happens that some cans of coke remain even after you and your family have drunk coke for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are person who hates wastage and is reluctant to waste the remaining coke, use them in preparing unique flavoured coke dishes.

Some tips for using cola to marinade

Marinating of steak is done to tenderize the meat and allowing the juice to seep into the body of meat. There is wide range of sauces and ingredients known which increases the flavour of the steak as well as tenderizes it. Coke is one such product. Some useful info that may prove useful while marinating coke has been discussed here.

1) Before beginning the marinating process, make sure to stab the steak with fork so that the marinade can easily seep in through these holes.

2) After poking the steak at several places, make sure to zip the steak back in the freezer bag and keep it in the freezer until the marinade is ready.

3) Some people prefer adding the marinating to the freezer bag. This allows them to press the steak gently with the fingers so that the marinade seeps in without dirtying their fingers. Also, sealed in freezer bags prevent any spills.

4) Some people do not prefer the extra sweet taste that develops after marinating in coke. One can add extra cumin seeds, salt etc to bring down the sweetness.

5) Another way of marinating steaks is b y mixing all the ingredients and heating them in a bowl. Pour in all the steak tips ensuring that all the steaks are fully submerged and then refrigerating the entire mixture overnight or for at least 6-8 hours.

6) After marinating the steaks overnight, they can be grilled and served hot.

7) Italian dressings and other condiments like ketchup, barbeque or teriyaki sauce etc may be added to balance the extra sweetness of cola.

8) A grill pan can also be used for grilling if one does not have an outdoor grill.

9) The steaks can be served with salads and may be dressed in herbs or other sauces.

So, the next time you are planning to have a barbeque party, surprise your guests with this unique flavoured cola marinated steaks. You can also show off your expertise by sharing the tips on how to use cola to marinate a steak.

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How To Use Cola To Marinate A Steak