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Learn To Make A Fragrant Orange Clove Sachet

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Making fragrant orange clove sachet can be a fun project for you and your kids. For the coming festive days learn to make a fragrant orange clove sachet and give it to your favorite person. In fact, you can prepare many of them for gift giving purpose. This will be a perfect handmade gift for any occasion. You can use this sachet at your home, also. Simply hang this on the upper wall of the window and smell the difference.Fragrant Orange Cloves

To make the fragrant orange clove sachet, you will require two main ingredients – which are oranges and cloves. Winter is the time for oranges, but you can be little economical to buy the oranges. Since the oranges are not going to be consumed, if you buy the lesser quality ones it will not be a big difference as long as it has the beautiful aroma of orange. However, you will need plenty of cloves for this project. So, you can use your saved money for buying lots of cloves. Follow these steps, to prepare your own fragrant orange clove sachet.

Step 1
Take one orange to wash and pat dry with paper towel.

Step 2
Now take a toothpick to prick holes over the orange. To prick the holes first make out some imaginary lines over the orange. If you can make these lines to follow a pattern; then it will look much better. Otherwise simply make the holes one after another. But be careful while making these holes, so that they do not come too close to each other. Maintain a safe distance between every hole to keep the skin of the orange intact.

Step 3
In this step, you can involve your kid, too. Pour all the cloves in a plate or over a piece of paper. Now ask your kid to fill each of the holes with a clove, in such a way that the flower of the cloves remain on top. When this step is completely done, you can see a pattern of cloves over the orange.

Step 4
In this step, you are going to prepare the sachet. For this, take a piece of net to wrap the orange all over by gathering on top. Use an orange or brown colored satin ribbon to tie the gathering of the net. Keep this sachet on the corner table or hang from the wall. Anyway you use, within minutes your room will get filled up with the spicy orange fragrance.

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Learn To Make A Fragrant Orange Clove Sachet