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How To Melt Butter In A Microwave

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You must be thinking that what is there to write about how to melt butter in a microwave. Even if it might seem to be the easiest thing on earth, in reality it is not exactly so. Melting butter in microwave will require you to be an expert of microwave cooking and handling. Most of us use the A bowl of melted buttermicrowave to warm up our food or at most to make tea or coffee. But, you can prepare a full course meal with the help of a microwave, only when you know how to handle the machine for different recipes.

You might as well think, what is the requirement for using a microwave? The butter will melt by its own once it is kept at room temperature for a while. But the thing is that, you cannot spend so much time, when it will be done in seconds if put inside the microwave. On the other hand, various recipes specify the temperature of melted butter, which cannot be measured in normal situation. This can only be done with the microwave by presetting the right temperature, in which you want your melted butter to be. 
When you put the butter inside the microwave, it will not take much time to melt. In fact it can even be less than 30 seconds, which means you have to pause the microwave in between to check the consistency of butter. If you don’t give frequent breaks, your butter might turn to boil within seconds.

To start with, you should use a microwave safe glass bowl to put the butter. Unwrap the butter completely and then cut into small pieces. You might think that what is the use of cutting into small pieces? In any case, it will get melted. But, there is a small difference between melting the whole butter with the melting of small pieces of butter. When you use small pieces of butter, each of the pieces receive same amount of heat and easily reach into a similar consistency while melting. Within few seconds you will get a bowl of soft and warm butter. But, if you put the whole butter the outer portion will start to melt first by receiving more heat than the inner part. By the time the inner part will be melting, the butter of the outer part will start boiling. This will create different consistency at different parts. Actually this butter will come to no use in your baking projects.

There is another important point of melting butter in a microwave, where you will need to stir the butter frequently, when you interrupt the machine. Without stirring you will not be able to guess the consistency.  In fact, stirring will also help to distribute the heat evenly to all parts of the butter, which will in turn result into a smooth mixture of melted butter.

Finally, don’t forget to cover the bowl while heating it up inside the microwave. There are two reasons behind it. One is that the butter might explode in the heat of microwave. Secondly, when you cover the bowl, the heat gets well distributed inside the butter. So, you save much on time, electric power and money.

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How To Melt Butter In A Microwave