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How To Peel A Grape

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Easy tips on how to peel grapes effectively and neatlyIf you find it very difficult peeling a grape due to its shape, small size and its very slippery nature, here are some easy ways which shall help you to learn how to peel a grape. It is true, that peeling grapes is not an easy task because these are of very small size and are not easy to hold firmly too. Thus, you need a lot of practice to peel these grapes very well.

When you have to peel a grape, you need to select  your weapon very carefully. You  can peel grapes with the help of a knife. You can also use a good peeler or use your fingernail also - anything, which you find easy to use. You can experiment with all the three weapons and decide for yourself, which one you are comfortable and use that for peeling grapes.

Before you start peeling  grapes, you have to wash all the grapes very carefully. Today, with the frequent use of pesticides and insecticides, it is possible that your grapes are full of such chemicals…thus - it is important to clean the grapes first very well. You will be peeling them eventually but still you should clean the surface well to ensure double safety.

Now, you will have to grasp a grape just between your forefinger and the thumb. You will slowly have to concentrate on the peeling process. You should hold the knife or the peeler you are using with your fingers but not your fist. If you start using your thumb, you will be adding some extra force on the small grapes. You need to peel all the grapes very delicately, while not using too much of force, as this shall ruin the shape of the grape and give it a very dirty look.

You can start peeling from the stem portion of the grape. You will just need to do it slowly, hook into the section of the stem, make a hole in it and then peel its skin carefully towards your own side. If you choose not to use any knife or peeler, your fingers are going to work best for such a purpose. Grapes are small in size and this is one of the reasons why peeling grapes is considered to be comparatively easy than peeling anything else. You will just have to peel these grapes forwards towards you and not backwards as in other cases.

You can turn the grape slowly so that the skin section of the grape opens up. You will notice that the peeled section will reveal the slippery area of the grapes, so you have to be careful now or else the grapes will slip off. With little patience and some practice you will soon learn the tricks of peeling grapes.


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How To Peel A Grape