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How to Create Edible Fruit Arrangements?

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Edible fruit bouquets are a unique gift idea that not only brings exclusivity along with them, but also good health and great taste. Learning how to create edible fruit arrangements and making them yourselves at home is truly worth the effort, especially if you have that creative bend of mind. It surely gives your gift that personal touch - but more than that, it saves you a huge amount of money that you would have spent otherwise, in buying them from outside.
Fruit arrangements are a unique gift idea that brings exclusivity, good health and great tasteFor creating edible fruit arrangements, you need the following ingredients:
•    Fruits:

o    Pineapple
o    Strawberries
o    Red, Seedless Grapes
o    Green Seedless Grapes
o    Honeydew Melon
o    Cantaloupe

•    Other Ingredients:

o    Mint or Parsley Leaves
o    Bamboo Skewers
o    Cookie Cutters
o    Melon Baller
o    Knife
o    Chopping Board
o    Florist Foam
o    Decorative Vase


Creating edible fruit arrangements is an elaborate, but easy, step-by-step procedure. Just follow these simple steps and create some wonderful fruit bouquets:

•    Wash the vase that would hold the fruit bouquet well and set aside for drying.
•    Place some florist foam at the bottom of the vase. Ensure that enough foam is there to hold the arrangement firmly. However, make sure that the foam is not visible over the rim.
•    Wash the fruits well and drain the excess water.
•    Slice the pineapple horizontally and take out several slices of the same. Remove all the rinds on the pineapple slices. Place the cookie cutter (flower-shaped, if possible) on the slices and carve the flower shape out of them.
•    Now, cut the cantaloupe and honeydew melons into halves and remove the seeds. Using the melon baller, scoop small balls of the melon flesh. Take a few cantaloupe balls and cut them into halves. Now, lay the flat side of each cantaloupe half on the pineapple flowers. Keep aside the remaining melon and cantaloupe balls.
•    Take the bamboo skewers and slide the remaining melon balls, grapes (both red and green) and strawberries in them. Alternate the fruits in such a way that you get a brighter color combination (for example, green followed by red, followed by the orange melons and so on). Place enough fruits to ensure that no part of the bamboo skewer is visible. You need to leave space at each end of the skewer though.
•    Now, place the pineapple flowers at the pointed end of the skewers. You can also use whole strawberries for some. For the chocolate lovers, dipping a few strawberries in chocolate and then placing them on the pointed end of the skewers is also a good idea. The blunt end of the skewers should now be placed in the foam within the vase. Place the skewers at an angle in the vase to give the effect of the floral stems.
•    Once the arrangement is ready, place some twigs of green parsley or mint in between the skewers. This not only hides the floral foam, it also adds the green, leafy effects, thereby making it look more like a floral arrangement. At the same time, it gives some additional support to the skewers.

Your floral arrangement is ready. Place them on the table to brighten the whole look of the elaborate meal that you have prepared, or gift them to your dear ones. No matter how you decide to use them, you will surely be able to win the onlooker’s hearts.

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How To Create Edible Fruit Arrangements?