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How To Remove Baked Food From Pots And Pans

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Scrubbing is not my favorite chore nor is it my husbands or kids especially when it is the matter of removing baked food form pots and pans. It is a task that I often loathe to start on and I had no idea how to go about scratching out burnt cheese and sauce remnant form the baking dishes without killing the quality of the dish itself!! Not surprisingly it is my mom who came to the rescue recently and gave some easy tips on how to remove baked food from pots and pans. If you love baking like me, hopefully they will be of some use to you too:-
Cant imagine removing those muffin remains from this baking tray!! 

It is always advisable to use environment friendly homemade cleaners, this way neither is your baking dish harmed or your sensitive hands attacked by the strong chemicals of industrially manufactured cleaners. A paste made from 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 tsp salt with water is a perfect homemade cleanser. All you have to do is apply this paste on the greasy surface of the baking pots or pans that are already wet since they have been rinsed with water. Let the paste stay for close to 15 minutes and then allow the paste to harden. It will soon crack and become flaky. Now all you have to do is remove the paste gently under hot running water with a non scratch scrubbing pad, cloth or sponge.
Another way to clean your baking pots and pans is to fill it with hot water and then to place a fabric softener sheet or add ¼ cup of liquid fabric softener in the dish. Once you have allowed the dish to sit like this overnight it will be easier for you to wash off the baking dish the next day with warm soapy water.
You can also remove food from the baked pots or pans by using ordinary dish-washing liquid. Clean out the food remnants from the baking dish and the put them on the stove. Fill the pan with boiling water or pour the water in and bring it to boil. Once the water is boiling turn off  the flame and remove the baking pan from the flame and allow it to cool down to room temperature. Now all you have to do is wash it all off. You can also first spray or drizzle some dish soap into the pan and then fill it with hot water. Once this is done let the pan stay like that for one hour and then scrub the stain off with normal dish washing water.  
In place of normal dish-washing detergent you can also use automatic dish-washing detergent on the pans after letting the inside of pans sit with some hot water for 1 hour. Remember never to use automatic dish-washing detergent on aluminum pans as it will tarnish the surface of the pan.
Always wash your pans as soon as the baked cake or food is removed as this helps to remove the grease before it sticks to the plate. Ensure that it is not too hot to handle though!!    
No matter what cleanser you are using if its not homemade use your commonsense and read product label instructions for warnings and instructions before using it.

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How To Remove Baked Food From Pots And Pans