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Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

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The first cookbook I saw in my life was a pressure cooker recipes book by Hawkins. It had several delicious pressure cooker recipes for cooking vegetables and meat. While health benefits of pressure cooker is debatable, there is not doubt that it is great for cooking tough to cook food such as lentil, beans and raw meat. Crock pot, slow cooker, microwave and many other devices are popular in the United States, but pressure cooker still rules the roost in Indian subcontinent. Recently, I bought a pressure cooker which renewed by interest in pressure cooking so I used ifood search to find a few great pressure cooker recipes, some of which are.

Daal in Pressure Cooker

Daal and Pressure Cooker go together. Most of the times Daal is cooked in Pressure Cooker. Daal is the primary source of protein for a large number of Indians.

Arahar Dal

submitted by Amit Chopra

Shahi Khichdi in Pressure Cooker

After Daal, Khichdi is the 2nd most popular dish prepared in Pressure cooker. Why not? Khichdi is basically mixture of daal and rice and both are well cooked in pressure cooker. You can add more Ghee ( clarified butter ) to make this recipe more shahi ( royal ). I guess the shah word has its origin form Iran or Central Asia.

Shahi Khichdi

submitted by sumit

Sweet Pongal in Pressure Cooker

Pongal is sister of Khichdi. It is more popular in South India. By the way 15th Jan was the Pongal Day in South India and Khichdi day in east India. The festival is really named Maker Sankranti but is mostly known by the name of the food that is eaten on that day.

Sweet Pongal

submitted by Snigdha

Tomato Lamb Curry Cooked in Pressure Cooker

Lamb is hard to cook, so it is best cooked in the pressure cooker. This recipe from Snigdha is absolutely delicious. Tomatoes add great sweet and sour flavor to the lamb.

Tomato Lamb Curry

submitted by Snigdha

Chicken Pulao in Pressure Cooker

When you will open the pressure cooker, aroma of pulao will fill your kitchen and home. Your friends and family will move from the front of TV to the dinning table. Enough said.

Chicken Pullao from Sheba's Kitchen

submitted by sfehmi

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Great Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never bother to cook dal in a pressure cooker as it is so fast anyway. I do cook meats those that are not so tender like goat in mypressure cooker. Pressure cookers were popular in the US perhaps 40 years ago, but seem to be making a comeback as they are in many Gourmet shops. I see Fagor Brand in shops I think it is Spanish. They still are popular in Europe. I own a Durotherm brand pressure cooker from Switzerland and love it!!!! Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Hawkins and Prestige have been really popular brands in India. Recently many other brands have come up in the market. Pressure Cooker is sort of "in-built" in the Indian culture for couple of generations now. Pressure Cooker was an essential gift item during marriage even for the poorest families. Now with increasing prosperity people are gifting 3-5 cookers. In good old days, one 5.5lt. cooker was good enough. It used to have couple of separate compartments. All on needed to do was to wash rice, daal and potato and put them in separate compartment of pressure cooker. In 20 min lunch for a family of 2 or 2.5 is ready. In fact one can connect pressure cooker to urban and liberated Indian women. Gas stove and pressure cooker were too big symbols of urbanization in 70s and 80s when families moved away from traditional rural "chullah" in which you have to literally put your mouth in fire to fan it. The chullah and patilis used to take for ever to cook daal. Liquid Petroleum Gas, aka LPG or Gas, along with Pressure Cooker totally changed the landscape. The contrast between a crying woman with a black face and crying baby and a happy woman serving quick and great food was just too much to ignore and everyone jumped on the pressure cooker bandwagon. Lack of power and lack of alternative devices such as microwave was another reason pressure cooker was so successful. It really saved time. Pressure cooker was a boon for singles also who got trained from their moms on using 3 compartments of cooker to make daal (lentil), bhaat (rice), and chokha (mashed potato). You won't believe how many million people live with just one plate, glass and one pressure cooker. All they eat for 4-6 years of college life is daal, bhaat, chokha. Now perhaps ifood will make life of these individuals mores tasteful by showing easy to make recipes in video.
Snigdha's picture
Wonderful Blog. Owing to Prestige cookers mega popularity in India, I bought two of them here in the U.S. I cannot think of making dal or cooking lamb without the pressure cooker. Also these days, pressure cookers are becoming increasingly safer to use. Thanks to its fast cooking technology, I find it easier to lay a decent course of meal when unexpected friends arrive. Oh by the way I liked the phrase 'Pongal is the sister of Khichdi' ;)
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Facinating, and thank you for sharing. I do believe as I have visited quite remote villages and areas in my 30+ trips during the last 20 years. I do try and peak in kitchens as I can, but often am shooed away . I hope to return again this year and not be a guest nor on business and learn more from the cooks in India. I have learned to make nan and chapatis over wood coals or dung fires in villages and they do taste the best. Please tell us more. I find the 3 compartment inset for a pressure cooker awesome! I have never seen this. I guess I tend to find novelty items like the mini idli multi tier pan I bought for "cocktail" idlis. VBG Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Good job. Proper title, attractive first 2 lines. Nice promotion of ifoodie's content. Uses of pressure cooker recipe word is on little lower side. More ifood blogs on pressure cooker appearing in related blog could have helped. It is a competitive word so it might take a while to get ranked.
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In my kitchen, pressure cooker is a everyday tool. It saves lot of time. In India, pressure cooker is owned by almost all families as it saves lots of gas (as gas prices are skyrocketing) and fits well into the busy lives of young Indians.
Bianca's picture
Never cooked any pressure cooker recipes. I guess I would have to buy a pressure cooker first. Any tips where I can find one?
alok's picture
Bianca you can find pressure cooker in any specialty utensil store. You can definitely find it in India stores. Here in New Jersey almost all India stores carry it. I am sure most of the big city Indian stores carry it. I remember seeing pressure cooker on Home Shopping Network TV as well as, which can be a convenient source. You might be wondering what are these pressure cooker recipes ? Well anything that cooks well on high heat and pressure is a suitable candidate for cooking in pressure cooker. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Great blog! In India pressure cooker recipes are used to prepare several dishes. Really I have never seen Dal cooking in other utensil than the pressure cooker. So at least Dal is a typical example of a pressure cooker recipe in India.
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I got a pressure cooker for Christmas and am eager to cook for my husband and 2 kids, but it came with very little instructions and no recipes. Please help!
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After read this post I have try all of these recipe and I want to know that do you have any more recipes like this because by my pressure cooker I have taste this recipes very good.
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I got a pressure cooker for Christmas and need a few great recipes to cook in it, Any idea of website or recipes you love. From:- Alex
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we wanted to personally thank you for your informative comment.
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Nice article. Especially the photos you posted are cathcing. You should post some recipes.
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Really good pressure cooker receipe...Thanks for posting it...
Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes