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Methods of Chinese cooking

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  •CHUAN– quick and rapid boiling SHINAN--- instant boiling and rinsing. AO----stewing and braising HUI---braising and assembling. YAN—pickling(salt, sugar, wine ,vinegar. JIAN---shallow frying

Methods of Chinese cooking

TA---pan frying(batter fried in larger amounts of oil in as low fire.

TIE—pan—sticking frying.( a form of shallow frying but food is fried only on one side and is not turned over , so that the other side remains soft and tender.

ZHA—deep frying.

Neat deep frying---nobatter fro dredgeing.

Dry deep frying---dredge of flour

Softdeep frying---thin coat of batter, product is kept tender.

Crisp deep frying—raw ing. Are boiled or blanched first.

Methods of Chinese cooking

LIN---this is a special technique which involves two stages in cooking.

(a)Sauté--- firstly deep frying , quicker rapid boil until done and mix seasoning to make sauce.

(b)Dark brown sauté—pour sauce over coked food and serve.

(c) slippery sauté---stir fry raw ing, and pour sauce half way through , cooking stirring until done.

(d) soft sauté---steam or boil the ing, and then while still hot add a thin delicate sauce.

Methods of Chinese cooking

CHAO---stir frying( little oil, high heat ,stir)

(a) pure stir frying—the raw ing.are not marinated nor coated with a batter ,stir fried , seasoned and seasoned.

(b)braising stir fry—sir fry and braise along with stock and sauce.

(c) twice cooked stir frying—once stir fried , cut down into smaller pieces and stir fry again.

BAO—rapid stir frying.

PENG—quick braising

Dun—slow cooking(in casserole)

MEN---slow braising.

LU—Soya stewing (stewed in pre made Soya gravy)

JIANG—Soya braising(difference being that ing, are marinated in the braising stock first)

Methods of Chinese cooking

PA—braising in sauce.


ZAO—roasting(ings, are first marinated and then roasted inoven.

SHUN—smoking(using saw dust,tea laves, cyprus branches ,bamboo leaves or granulated sugar).

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Methods Of Chinese Cooking