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How to store pickles? – Preserving your efforts for longer shelf-life.


how to storing pickles - pickling your techniques for long shelf-life span

If you wish to store pickles for a longer period of time and are searching for the right way, then your destination is perfect. From sun-drying or pat drying to skillful, time-spent slicing, and judicious spicing and spirited mixing and tossing, to bring out the pickle of your favorite food!! Sure is hard work and worth the time and energy. And a few helpful tips on how to store pickles will definitely coronate your efforts by preserving the ‘delicacy’.




Pickles are meant for long-term storage especially, when you are bored and laid back, to stir and toss an accompaniment for your main course. Apart from that, pickles also pep up your spirits, especially if you are the kind to spring up from a zing in the flavor.

How to store pickles so that it lasts longer than desired?


Clear, glass jar containers are termed best for pickle storage. Follow these simple tips to clean the glass jars for storing pickles.


  • Depending on the quantity of pickles, choose your containers. If you are taking two, then fill both the containers with water up to half the level. 
  • Now place both the containers in an oven and heat it on high temperature for 2-3 minutes till the water boils. 
  • Take out the jars and empty them. Place them upside down on a kitchen paper for the water to totally drain out. The lids of these jars should also be sterilized by pouring hot water on it.
  • The jars should be warm while transferring your pickles to them.
  • You can use the same procedure, if you are going to use food grade plastic containers.  For the lids of the plastic containers, make sure to pour hot water on them and not keep them in a bowl of hot water, as they will ‘loosen’ up and your containers will no longer be air-tight. 
  • Store-bought pickles can be best stored in plastic containers approved by the FDA. This certification is important as you don’t want your pickles to emanate a bad odor due to the presence of toxic PVC in your container.


With your clean, sterilized jars brought out from the procedure described, giving a nice home for your pickles to settle down, you can be rest-assured on a hammock, with a book, which spells good fiction and not kitchen tips on how to store pickles!

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How To Store Pickles? – Preserving Your Efforts For Longer Shelf-life.