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How To Bake Pumpkin

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535400-baked-pumkin-served-at-dinner.Pumpkins make wonderful recipes and can be used in many ways.  Ever since I learnt how to bake pumpkin, I do not cook pumpkin in any other way. This is the easiest and the most convenient way of cooking pumpkin – giving it a wonderful taste and aroma. This afternoon I picked around 3 pumpkins from a farmer down the lane – they were completely fresh – so I decided to bake them tonight. Would you like to know the process of baking pumpkin? If you haven’t tried it yet I suggest give it a try – I am sure you are not going to regret your decision.

Here are some tips and suggestions: If you are buying pumpkins for baking purpose, I suggest that you pumpkins which are small in size. These pumpkins taste wonderful when baked. My experience suggests that these small pumpkins have a better flavour and consistency than larger ones.

Cleaning the pumpkin : When baking pumpkins, I start the process by cleaning them first. You can rinse the pumpkin in cold water so that all dust and dirt which might exist is completely washed off. There are many people who prefer to use warm water – you can use warm water if you wish as long as the pumpkin gets cleaned.    

Cutting and removing the seeds:Using baked pumpkins and its seeds in a mouthwatering recipe
When you have cleaned the pumpkin well, you have to cut it. Cut it half and then slowly scrape out all the seeds as well as the pulp. If you are not able to do it with your regular spoon, you can use a large spoon or even an ice cream scoop. Your work will become easy and quick too.

Tip: I have a great tip related to the seeds you are scraping out in the above process. Do not throw them away. You can save them and store them so that you can make another recipe with the seeds. Roasted pumpkin seeds and roasted seeds with garlic can be wonderful. In fact I serve the roasted seeds along with baked pumpkin.

Now getting back to ….
baking preparation:

You will need a baking dish now. Place all the cut pumpkin pieces face down on the dish. You have to add around 1.5 inches of water to the bottom of this dish so that the pumpkin does not dry up in the entire process.

Start the baking process by preheating the oven. It should be preheated at a temperature of 350 degree F. Bake the pumpkin for an hour – in case the pumpkin is big, it shall take you little more time.

Sumptuous baked pumpkin recipe ready to be served

Take it out from the baking dish and let the pieces cool. You can remove its peel and also puree the pulp so that you can add it to your different recipes. If you wish you can freeze it in different freezer bags to be used later on.

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How To Bake Pumpkin