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How to Cook Native American Recipes?

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Do you want to learn how to cook Native American Recipes so that you can lay out an impressive Native American spread?  Once you get familiar with Native American culinary culture you will understand that this task is not very difficult. Native American  Culinary Culture includes all the food practices of the Native Americans and like the culture, prefers all things natural and simple. The simple mix of strong flavors, natural ingredients, domesticated and wild food makes the Native American cuisine varied and one with which you can experiment intensely.

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The different Native American tribes and regions gave birth to a variety of dishes. Today, many of these have been adopted by the American cuisine. Cornbread, turkey, cranberry, blueberry, hominy and mush recipes are just a few examples of this process. The North American Native Cuisine, South Eastern and Mexican cuisine are just a few of the variants of Native American Cuisine.

North American Native American Cuisine

Maize, beans
and squash were called the three sisters in the North American Native Cuisine because they wer planted such that he the beans grew on the tall stalks of the maize, while the squash formed a base and a support for the roots. Quinoa, a variety of amaranth, sumpweed or marsh elder, little barley, maygrass, sunflower, mushrooms and berries are some other ingredients used. Seafood and fish especially salmon, meats such as deer, duck, and rabbit also formed a major part of their cuisine. Dried meat and flour made from acorns were also used.


Southeastern Native American cuisine

Southern Native American culture used a lot of corn or maize, either in the form of a meal or a hominy. From Whiskey to cornbread you can find corn in a majority of Native American recipe. Potatoes, Squash, pumpkin, types of beans, tomatoes, types of peppers, sassafras, muscadines, blackberries, raspberries, and other wild berries were part of Southeastern Native Americans' diet.

Venison, rabbits, squirrels, opossums and raccoons were the meat consumed.
With game or livestock that passed away it was made sure that all the parts of the animal were used. This practice was what lead to the discovery of Native American meat preparations like chitterlings which are fried large intestines of hogs, pork brain and eggs and livermush made from hog liver.

Circum-Caribbean Native American cuisine

This particular Native American cuisine created by the Taino used more of cassava, sweet potato, maize, beans, squash, pineapple, peanut, and peppers.

Mesoamerican Native American cuisine

This cuisine basically involves the Aztec and Mayan cuisine. It has had a major role in the development of the Mexican Cuisine.
Native American Dishes

Some of the dishes are seen even in modern day cuisine while some are unique and extremely different. Here is a list of both kinds of authentic native American dishes.

Corn bread, Algonquin hoecake, Fry bread Bean bread
(made with corn meal and beans), Black drink/asi, Succotash and Pemmican(a concentrated food made from dried pulverized meat, dried berries, and rendered fat), Tiswin a fermented beverage, Walrus Flipper Soup,  Stink Fish (Fermentded dried fish), Salted Salmon, Akutaq/Eskimo Ice Cream made from moose tallow and meat, berries, seal oil, and sometimes fish, mixed together with snow are just a few of the dishes that are particular to Native American coking.

Some other dishes are the Bird brain stew, Buffalo stew, Acorn bread,  Wojape ( mashed cooked berry pudding), Green chili stew and the Mutton stew Navajo

Here are a few Native American Dishes you would have encountered in modern day cuisine. Jerk chicken with plaintains, rice and honey biscuit are a favorite of mine.  (The Jerk Style of cooking also came from the Native Americans) Pepperpot (a spicy stew of meat, vegetables, chili peppers and cassava juice), Pupusa, Alegría (a candy made from puffed amaranth), Champurrado an addictive chocolate drink, Pozole, Salsa, Tacos and Tamales are a few of the other dishes you might know.

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How To Cook Native American Recipes?