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How to Carve a Turkey

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How to Carve a Turkey

1. After roasting, cover the turkey with foil and let it stand for 15 minutes.
2. Transfer the bird to your largest cutting surface.
3. With a sharp, thin-bladed carving knife, find the place where the thighbone meets the body. By cutting between the joints, and not through bones, you can disconnect the bones without much fuss.
4. Pull the thigh away from the bird and slip your knife into the joint to separate the thigh from the body.
5. Wiggle the drumstick to locate the joint that separates the drumstick from the thigh. Using the same technique, cut through the joint, not the bone.
6. Next use your knife to find where the wing and body connect. Slip your knife into the joint to separate wing from body on each side.
7. Now remove the breast by cutting down the center of the bird on one side of the bone. The breast will come off in one piece.
8. Carve the breast into thin slices.
9. Repeat with the other side of the breast.
After your turkey is carved, arrange the pieces on a platter and serve.

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Tips on Carving Turkey
Learn and follow these simple steps on how to carve turkey, to ensure perfect meat out of the bird, and great presentation. Turkey carving is an art and should be done for food fun and food art.

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How To Carve A Turkey Video, Tips On Carving Turkey