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How to pickle banana peppers the traditional way?

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Learning how to pickle banana peppers the traditional way will help you, preserve the taste and quality of these vegetables for a long time. Since the ancient times, people have pickled banana peppers in canning jars, because, it preserves the flavor and taste of the banana peppers the best. This way, you can enjoy your banana peppers all round the year, even when their growing season is gone. These peppers have been named so because of their close resemblance to the banana fruit in shape and color. If you learn how to pickle banana peppers, you will be able to preserve their texture, taste and color more than you can do by freezing them.

Things you need

For pickling banana peppers, you will need banana peppers, warm water, canning jars, rings and lids, pots, white vinegar, pressure canner, measuring cup, salt and knife. 

Instructions on how to pickle banana peppers

Selecting the banana peppers

When shopping for your banana peppers, go for the ripest ones in the bunch. However, look out for the peppers which have imperfections and the ones with discoloration. In case, they are spotted or discolored, do not buy them. One best way to determine the perfect banana peppers for pickling is to see their size. The peppers which roughly have a diameter within 1 to 1¼ inches are great for making pickle.

Rinse and sanitize

Your first task of pickling banana peppers is to rinse them thoroughly in warm water. This makes sure that the debris, dirt and pesticides sticking onto the skin of the peppers are completely removed. Then, sanitize your pickle jars, lids and rings by boiling them in water for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Pickling banana peppers

•    Firstly, pour some white vinegar into the pan and heat it over medium flame. For every jar of banana pepper, you will need 2 cups of vinegar. Now, place the rack at the pressure canner’s bottom and fill the canner with hot water till it reaches 2 to 4 inches mark. Keep the heat to medium and leave the lip open. Adjust the pressure canner settings according to the instructions in the manual. 

•    Next, section the peppers into small round slices keeping an inch of thickness. Now, discard the stems and seeds from the peppers, before blanching them for three minutes in a pot of boiling water. Once that’s done, drain them in a colander and place a bowl under it, to collect the water. Next, boil this water on a stove.

•    Add the peppers to the jars, leaving an inch of their heads popping at the top. Now, add 2 cups of vinegar into each jar, making sure, the head space of the peppers stick out on the top. Then, pour a small amount of boiling water into the jars and mix half a teaspoon of salt in each. Next, place the lids on the jars and screw the rings.

•    Placing the jars in the pressure canner, steam them for 10 to 15 minutes and then close the lids. Then remove the canner from the heat and allow its pressure to fall to zero before opening the lid. Then allow the jars to cool down before storing them in a dry place.

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How To Pickle Banana Peppers The Traditional Way?