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How To Smoke Turkey Legs

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Smoking turkey legs in different phasesIf you wish to bring some added flavor and a welcome change to your regular cooking and baking you should learn how to smoke turkey legs. Turkey legs are often grilled or roasted at homes but smoking turkey legs can bring a real change to any meal. It is a very simple process and can be done easily if you follow our phase by phase instructions. Moreover, you can even freeze these smoked turkey legs for later consumption. Here are some of the ingredients which you will need:

• Grill
• Pot
• Brown sugar
• Ice water
• Chicken broth or chicken stock
• Salt

Phase one:
Preparing brine:
Start the process by preparing the brine for turkey legs.
• Place half gallon of chicken stock in a pot.
• Add brown sugar and salt.
• Let this mixture boil but keep it stirring to ensure that the brown sugar as well as salt mix well.
• Once the mixture mixes well, you can remove it from the heat.
• Let it cool down to room temperature.
Phase two:
Soaking turkey legs in brine
Step 1: Once your brine is ready, you can put the turkey legs in this brine.
Step 2: Add an equal amount of ice cold water in this mixture.
Step 3: You can now use another large pot or a container and put all the turkey legs in this mixture.
Step 4: Leave all the turkey legs in this mixture for a least 24 hours.
Step 5: Turkey legs can be refrigerated while they are soaking.
Phase three:
• Once they have soaked in brine for 24 hours you can remove all the turkey legs.
• You can now rinse all these turkey legs with cold water.
• Season all these legs with spices and herbs of your choice.
• Use any kind of oil you prefer – vegetable oil or even olive oil. 
Phase four:Smoked turkey legs ready to be served
Grill preparation
• Start to heat your grill at 250 degrees F.
• If the grill is a charcoal grill, you have to ensure that all briquettes are in the bottom of the grill on one side.
• Now, wet some of the smoke flavored chips that will be used.
• Let the rest of the chips be dry.
• You will now have to wrap a few of these dry smoke chips and a few wet smoke chips with the help of an aluminum foil.
• Make a few holes in this foil so that the smoke can escape.
Smoking process:
• Last step is to grease the grill.
• Place all turkey legs on one side so that they don’t get direct heat.
• Now, you can put the pack of chips which you have in the flame.
• Let the turkey legs cook for at least 4 hours. Remember to keep changing this smoke packet every hour.
• Your smoked turkey legs will be ready soon.

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How To Smoke Turkey Legs