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How to Slaughter Pig?

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Pig Cuts

The slaughtering of pigs was a highly celebrated tradition in most European countries and it was done quiet exuberantly towards the end of the year. Why?  Christmas of course and also it was during this time that people could afford to have large meals. Though most of us would like to stay away from the gruesome details, in modern times the pig slaughter is done in a comparitively humane manner. 


Items Required 


Large tub of boiling water

Wooden barrels for storing meat

Sharp knives

A captive bolt pistol



  1. The pigs that are to be slaughtered are allowed to rest in humane condition with access to space and water.

  2. Food should also be provided if they are going to be held overnight

  3. The pig is medically examined for injuries or sickness.

  4. Once the preparation for the slaughtering is done the pig is lead to the slaughter house in a calm and composed manner using handle aids that guides the pig by sound but not pain.

  5. Stunning –Stunning is done to minimize the fear and stress the pig goes through before and during slaughter. Before stunning the stunning equipments are checked well in advance. The pig is stunned using one of the following equipments, Electrical Stunning, Carbon dioxide Stunning or Captive bolt Stunning. The former two methods are preferred to the last, as the Capitol Bolt Stunning requires precise and trained hands. If the capitol bolt piston is not employed accurately then the pig won’t be stunned.

  6. Bleeding –Stunning is an irreversible process which means that within 15 seconds there will be an irreversible loss of brain function. Due to this the bleeding has to be finished within 15 seconds after stunning. It is ensured that there is a rapid bleed out by severing the major vessels properly.

  7. It is checked if the animal is dead by checking the brain stem reflexes and the dressing procedures are started.

  8. The dressing procedure should start within 20 seconds of the stunning.

  9. The pig is put in a tub or wooden/metal trough of boiling water to make it easier to remove the hair. After this the pig is removed from the water and any left out hair is removed with a knife or razor.

  10. The pig is then again washed in boiling water and then cut up.

  11. Due to the fear of Trichinosis, some cuts are specifically checked by the veterinarian to confirm that the meat is safe.

  12. The pig's intestines are removed. The pig liver is also set apart. Traditionally they are roasted the same day.

  13. The meat is sliced and salted and then stored in a cellar. After ten days it is taken out and after the blood is squeezed out. The meat is again stored back in the cellar for a few months.

  14. Ham is the salted and pressed buttocks of the pig.

  15. Bacon is the salted and smoked ribcage meat.

  16. The rest of the meat is used to produce sausages like kobasica, blood sausage and kulen.

  17. Cracklings are produced from the stewed pieces of pig fat.

  18. Leftovers including skin are are sometimes preserved and cooked with beans

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How To Slaughter Pig?