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How to Make Crisp Dill Pickles?

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How to make Crisp Dill Pickle? To get them crisp and right is always a struggle! But don’t you love biting into a crunchy crisp dill pickle? When I realized that it might be more economical if I made these at home, I set about to perfect my Dill Pickle recipe until I got it just right and crispy!  Crisp Dill Pickle can be made within an hour's time and what is better?...they last for years together!!! Here is how I make crisp dill pickles:

Homemade Crisp Dill pickle waiting to be sealed


8 pounds 3 to 4 inch long pickling cucumbers
4 cups white vinegar( try high grade cider vinegar –acidity should be 4-6 percent {40-60 grain})
12 cups water
2/3 cup pickling salt
16 cloves garlic, peeled and halved
8 sprigs fresh dill weed
quart jars with canning lids and screw bands
5 small hot peppers like jalapeno (optional)

Meanwhile, sterilize your pickle canning jars, screwing bands and lids for 10 minutes in boiling water.  You can wash by hand and then pour boiling water over it or immerse them in boiling water. Don’t touch them with hands once sterilized. Use sterilized tongs to keep them upside down on a clean towel.  Be careful not to pick up copper, brass, galvanized or iron utensils for canning pickles.

  1. Prepare your brine by mixing vinegar, water, and pickling salt over medium high heat. Bring the brine to a rapid boil.
  2. Meanwhile, take the prepared jars. Be careful as they are still hot.  Stuff the jar with 2 half-cloves of garlic, one head of dill and cucumbers.  Add 2 more garlic halves, 1 more sprig of drill and jalapeno.  
  3. Now it is time to add the brine. See to it that it is boiling when you take it off the heat and right before you pour them into jars. Ensure that you leave at least a half inch between the spears and the rim of the jar. Fill each jar leaving at least a quarter of an inch of breathing space between the mouth of the jar and the dill.
  4. Clean the jar lid for any residue and then put the lid on and screw it on using a clean hot pad or towel as the jars will be very hot
  5. Process your sealed jars in a boiling water bath. You should process quart jars for 15 minutes.
  6. Now cool the jars and then store them in the refrigerator. To get the right blend of flavors you should wait for a week.



  • If your dill pickle shrivels, it is most probably because you used too much salt, sugar, or because you used vinegar that is too strong. It can happen if the pickle was over processed or over cooked.
  • If you add very little salt or acid or process less then the dill pickle will become soft. 
  • Usage of eating cucumbers in place of pickling cucumbers that are not fresh will lead to hollow dill pickle!

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How To Make Crisp Dill Pickles?