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How do You Heat Pre Cooked Ham?

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Heating precooked ham enhances the flavor of the ham to a great extent. Heating pre cooked ham enhances the flavor immenselyThe ham being already cooked, heating it becomes a fast process that does not take much time and is not a lengthy one. It is an easy and simple process that does not need many ingredients. With so many advantages, one hardly wonders why heating precooked ham plays such a significant role in our daily life


To heat precooked ham, you need the following things:

Ham; Cooking Spray or Butter; Honey - 3 tablespoons; Sweet Syrup from canned fruits - 1/3 cup; Ground Clove Spice - 1/4 teaspoon; Oven; Oven-safe dish; Food Thermometer

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
Take a bowl and add the honey, sweet syrup from canned fruit (any fruit flavor of your choice) and ground clove spice. Mix the ingredients together. Lightly glaze it over the ham and ensure that the entire ham is glazed well.
Sprinkle some brown sugar over the ham.
Wrap this with an aluminum wrap tightly and keep aside.
Now, take the oven-safe dish. Coat the bottom of the plate with cooking spray or butter. This would prevent the ham from sticking on the pan.
Place the wrapped ham in the oven and heat it for about 20 minutes or until heated. The time of heating the ham depends on the quantity. Bone-in ham of about 15 pounds should ideally be heated for 20 minutes. As boneless meat needs lesser time to heat, a chunk of boneless ham of about 10 pounds should be heated for 15-20 minutes.
To get the best flavor, the ham should be well-heated from within. Therefore, check the ham from time to time to ensure that it has reached the desired internal temperature. Serve when heated well.

There are various ways of imparting different flavors in ham. Hams can be smoked, cooked, cured, aged and glazed, and each process gives a unique and distinct flavor and texture to this age-old dish. High is protein content, they fit in perfectly well in all meals – be it breakfast, lunch or dinner or be it one of those special celebratory occasions.

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How Do You Heat Pre Cooked Ham?