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how to cook frozen turkey breast

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Turkey breast is the perfect piece of meat for cooking.You can cook turkey breast either by roasting it or grilling, no matter whether it is frozen or non frozen. While cooking the turkey, the most important point is to make the turkey breast golden brown, packed with juicy flavor.But many of you get dissapointed when the turkey comes out bland, burned or even worse. But here are some of the instructions to cook the turkey breast in the best way.

Procedure to cook frozen turkey breast:

Frozen turkey breast can be cooked easily in the crock pot. Here are given some helpful instructions to cook frozen turkey breast:

-Gather the following things in the correct proportion such as six pounds of turkey breast, two cups wine, one stick butter, one onion, salt and pepper to taste.

 -Thaw the frozen turkey breast with running cold water.

-Sprinkle salt and pepper over the turkey breast.

-Take the sliced onions and push them down next to the turkey and put a few in the rib activity. Add one stick of butter.

-Pour the wine over the top of the turkey breast.

-Cook for 7-9 hours on low heat.

-Always use the meat thermometer to check the doneness of the meat. If it reaches the temperature of 170degreesF, then you can remove the meat from the crockpot.

-Allow the meat to sit for few minutes until you start carving it.

Although cooking in the crockpot takes time but the taste will be awesome. In place of wine, broth can also be used depending on the taste. In short, cooking a frozen turkey breast is not a very tough thing.

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How To Cook Frozen Turkey Breast