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How to Heat a Honey Baked Ham

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how to heat a honey baked ham


We will tell you how to heat a honey baked ham. Honey baked ham is amongst the most tender hams that is available in the market. The best part about this ham is that it is seasoned perfectly. All types of ham are cooked prior to their being sold. Therefore, it is not necessary that honey baked ham be heated before serving. But you may put it in the microwave and heat it to desired temperature if you want.  


1.    Slice ham into pieces and put it over a microwave-safe plate. If you are making food for your own self then this is best option.

2.    Put the plate inside the microwave and turn it on high. Heat it for one and a half minute. Take the ham out as soon as the microwave starts beeping. Then cut the ham and consume it.

3.    The honey baked ham should now be put inside a cooking bag and about 8 ounces of chicken broth must be added to it. A whole can of chicken broth may be used in case the ham lies on the larger side. It should then be tied shut.

4.    Put the cooking bag in a pan made up of aluminum.

5.    Use a kitchen bag to make some holes on the top of the cooking bag.

6.    The oven must now be preheated to 325 degrees.

7.    Place the honey baked ham inside the oven. 10 minutes are sufficient for completely heating up one pound of honey baked ham. Uncut hams and spiral cut hams take approximately the same time to get heated completely.

8.    Remove it from the oven and serve it warm.

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How To Heat A Honey Baked Ham