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How To Make Fake Ice Cubes

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Fake ice cubes

It was during our cosmetics shooting campaign that I learnt how to make fake ice cubes. Using real ice cubes turned out to be messy with icing melting very often – we had to wait long hours to get new ice cubes and the same thing happened all over again. We were using fake ice for the campaign, but purchasing them in bulk was turning out to be very expensive. That was when we starting making fake ice – it is quick and very simple. You just need to do the following:


1. Purchase some plastic craft beads. If you need fake ice in huge quantity, you can purchase bags full of plastic craft beads. If it is just in a small quantity, you can use just a bag of ice cubes. You will find them in any local store near your home or a store which deals in craft items.


2. You will need a metallic ice tray. You can purchase these metallic ice trays online or from a good store near your home.


3. You will have to feel each mold with craft beads which you purchased.


4. Pre-heat an oven to an approximate temperature of 375 degree F.


5. Bake the beads for 20 minutes or until they melt completely.


6. Let the beads cool down after they melt


7. Now check each mold, which will yield one ice cube, resulting out of cooled down melted beads.


8. Your fake ice cubes are ready to use.



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How To Make Fake Ice Cubes